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Tuverbol 2019 11.5%, Brouwerij Loterbol, Belgium
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Tuverbol 2019
11.5% Belgian Strong Ale


Post author: orson
@ Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen Webshop
2 months ago
Tuverbol 2019, Belgium
Hyvin mielenkiintoista. Tripelin ja Lambicin blendi. Eipä ole tullut ennen vastaan. Näyttäisi siltä, että ei ole kovin tykätty olut. Pullotettu 2019 ja päiväyksen kohdalla lukee"Best Before end of 2024". Avatessa pullo hyvin rauhallisesti ja pitkään vaahtoaa ulos pullosta. Jätetään hetkeksi tiskipöydälle pursuamaan ulos ja kaadetaan lasiin vasta myöhemmin. Sakkaa näyttäisi olevan runsaasti, joten kaadetaan varovasti ja jätetään jokunen sentti vielä pullon pohjalle. Tuoksussa näyttäisi Tripel hallitsevan enemmän kuin Lambic. Suutuntuma on hiilihappoinen, kuiva, aika tasapainoinen, pehmeä ja ryhdikäs. Näyttäisi siltä, että aika on tasapainottanut tätä. Tuoreempana on ilmeisesti mm. alkoholi tullut läpi. Maussa on tallia, nahkaa, kukkaisuutta, vehnää, korianteria, happamuutta ja omenaa. Jälkimaku on pehmeä, kuiva, kukkainen ja hieman hapan. Parempaa Lambic on yksinään, kun näin Tripeliin sekoitettuna, mutta on tämä nyt ihan jees kuitenkin. Aika kivasti tulee esille molempien piirteitä ja minulle alkoholi on yllättävänkin hyvin piilossa. Tässä on kuitenkin 11,5%.

Post author: Nicolas D
Nicolas D
1 year ago
Tuverbol 2019, Belgium

Post author: Sakke
2 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Piwne Mosty
2 years ago
Tuverbol 2019, Belgium
HOPPY NEW YEAR 2022 TO ALL PINT PLEASE FOLKS!! 🍻🎇🧨🎊✨🎉🥳🎆🍻 The year 2021 was a bit nervous, with ups and downs in the pandemic and rising political tensions in the world. I hope that 2022 would finally end the frustrating pandemic and that the world leaders settle their disputes like adults. A beer would certainly help!! Now a beer to mark the end of this year. It's a blend of Tripel and Lambic. Vintage is 2019. The ABV is as high as 11.5 %. It scares me a bit... The beer pours rather misty amber. Carbonation is perky, and an off-white, moussy head rockets up to three fingers. Retention is reasonably long as a neat lace ring wafts on the top for quite some time. The scent is much less refreshing than I anticipated: it's leathery with a bit of barnyard, dry white wine and a whisper of wild yeast. I can also identify something fruity, most likely heavily fermented grapefruit. The taste is abundantly alcoholic, chemical and challenging. Gosh! I find lemon zest, grapefruit peel, apple peel, strong white wine and white grape on the positive side. The negative side is obvious: overwhelming alcohol gives an acetonic tang to my poor tastebuds. Leather is milder, barnyard is almost absent. There's a good amount of yeast but merely a proposal of it is funky and wild while the rest is stuffy. Wheat malt is supportive at the basement. Overall, the palate is raw and edgy and tangy. The body is medium-full. The finish is quite identical to upfront. The chemical ethanolic punch disturbs big time. I even get a faintly moldy flavor on my tongue here and there. Closed and farmhousey. The aftertaste gets kicked on the balls and falls down in pain. The mouthfeel is strong, raw, sharp and somewhat mellow. The funky side pops up occasionally but it's unfortunately rather subdued. Furthermore, the package is tart, earthy, stuffy, closed and vinous in an unpleasant way. The alcoholic tang gives both chemical and warming sensations, the former is unwelcome and the latter is nice. I wouldn't call this 'stale' but it's not far from it. A standard argument would suggest cellaring to round the edges but this is vintage 2019, it should already have softer flavors. I don't think that any aging would improve this sufficiently. I apologize for not understanding and appreciating this beer high enough. It improves sip after sip but never reaches the level of enjoyability. Looks like the blend just doesn't work too well. Nevertheless, WISHING YOU ALL SUCCESSFUL 💙💙💙 💚💚💚 🧡🧡🧡 🖤🖤🖤 💙 💚 💚 🧡 🖤 💙💙💙 💚 💚 🧡🧡🧡 🖤🖤🖤 💙 💚 💚 🧡 🖤 💙💙💙 💚💚💚 🧡🧡🧡 🖤🖤🖤

Post author: Vamonos Pest
Vamonos Pest
2 years ago
Tuverbol 2019, Belgium
Vuoden 2020 sadosta valmistettu 9,6 prosenttinen herkku

Post author: Timo K
Timo K
@ Hepokullan mallaskellari
3 years ago
Tuverbol 2019, Belgium
Pehmeätä, kaunista ja vahvaa belgiä kera lambicin maalaisen maailman. Kivan kuivattava ja yrttinen loppuhenkäys.