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Baie D'Argousier (2021) 5.0%, Brasserie Cantillon, Belgium
5 ratings
Baie D'Argousier (2021)
5.0% Lambic - Fruited


Post author: VeliWestside
1 year ago
Baie D'Argousier (2021), Belgium
Lambic is still a really difficult style to me. This was smooth and bubbly with a dry mouthfeel and sea buckthorn berries in the back end. We had to be creative to crack it open. This was our #saunalambic. Some of it on the sauna bench straight from the bottle and then some of it as we cooled off in between. I think I should stay away from this style. 😬

Post author: Lasse K
Lasse K
@ Stadin Panimobaari
2 years ago
Hanasta. Kauniin värinen. Tuoksussa aavistus tyrniä. Todella kuiva viinimäinen maku. Hitaaseen nautiskeluun.

Post author: Matti H
Matti H
@ Äkäsranta
2 years ago
Baie D'Argousier (2021), Belgium

Post author: HooDee
@ Stadin Panimobaari
2 years ago
Baie D'Argousier (2021), Belgium
Isänpäivä olut. Hyvä lambic.

Post author: Grey
@ Stadin Panimobaari
2 years ago
Baie D'Argousier (2021), Belgium
BEER: Tyrnilambic Baie D'Argousier (2021) BREWERY: Brasserie Cantillon BEER STYLE: Lambic COUNTRY: Belgium ABV.: 5.0% COLOUR (EBC): Golden Yellow (9.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): AROMA: Mouthwatering. Tangy with notes of stables, dry hay, woody yet countryside kind of being. HEAD: Two finger tall, tight, entirely tiny bubbled, vivid and quick to dissepate. GREY’S VIEW Lambic w/ Sea-Buckthorn berries. First wave is somewhat fast, but semi slow in progress. Taste starts with hay, fresh wildflowers, dry mussels and berry being. Then hits the minerals and the fresh, somewhat; juicy berried goings. It’s like I have fresh sea buckthorn berries in my mouth, or some of its juice anyway. It surprises me how easy it’s to enjoy Lambic this young. Body is light with lively carbonation, bubbles are somewhat swirly but soft and they stands beautifully together with the taste. Taste evolves towards dryer being, more dry hay, some berrybush twigs and tart to the end. OTHER NOTES: Blows my mind how mellow this is. There’s no sharp edges or too much of dry elements in there. It definitely isn’t too aggressive. The sea-buckthorn is gorgeously presented again. Sea-Buckthorn shrub can withstand winter temperatures as low as -43°C (−45°F) and is Northern Europe & Eurasia originated. BOTTLED 10/5/2021 TASTED 13/8/2021