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Fiordalisa 5.1%, Birrificio Manerba, Italy
2 arviota
5.1% Witbier
Our Fiordalisa, with its particularly light yellow color, is abundant and presents persistent white foam that adheres well to the glass. Its appearance is very murky and highlights the use of a high percentage of unmalted wheat. The nose immediately recognises refreshing coriander notes supported by wider perfumes of orange and spices; The aroma is intense and fine. In the mouth, the beer is light-bodied, dry, well carbonated and with good acidity. Aromatic and sensl, drinking results in a pleasant, fresh and citrusy aftertaste.


Post author: Veronica
@ Birrificio Manerba
1 year ago
Fiordalisa, Italy
Leggera e dissetante

Post author: Samu S
Samu S
@ Luppolo
3 years ago
Fiordalisa, Italy
What the shit? ~Deebz