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Shred Flintstone 6.3%, Humble Sea Brewing Company, United States
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Shred Flintstone
6.3% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
DDH Foggy IPA double dry-hopped with Motueka, Galaxy, and Sabro AROMA: clementine, pineapple, and stone fruit with a hint of pine FLAVOR: peach, apricot, and candied orange MOUTHFEEL: light and balanced with just the right amount of dryness RAD DETAILS: Brewed with a similar malt bill to Socks & Sandals but designed to be on the dryer side and more approachable and crushable than our higher abv foggies.


Post author: Grey
@ Humble Sea Brewing Co.
2 years ago
Shred Flintstone, United States
BEER: Shred Flintstone BREWERY: Humble Sea Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: NEIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 6.3% COLOUR (EBC): Mandarin Orange (17.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Tad on the sharp side of fruitbasket. Interesting. HEAD: One finger tall, leaving nice lookin’ lacing. GREY’S VIEW Motueka, Galaxy & Sabro DDH NEIPA. Creamy being mixes with Galaxy hop quite strangly at first. Taste offers cantaloupe melon, freshly rain watered forest bed, pineapple peels, kiwi and some floral notes. Hop bite is clear and almost too much, being sharp and trying to take over the steering wheel. Body is creamy and medium leveled. OTHER NOTES: Hard to say. It evolves a lot when it gets warmer, but anyway, hard to say. Not that notable. CANNED 30/4/2021 TASTED 30/6/2021