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Potomac IPA 7.4%, Smoketown Brewing, United States
1 Bewertungen
Potomac IPA
7.4% India Pale Ale


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ Smoketown Creekside
3 years ago
Potomac IPA, United States
Breaking open my choice of growlers from Maryland. This has a citrus taste with a lot of pine. Citrus leans towards orange and grapefruit. Quite hoppy with a light caramel malt to give a little counter balance. Overall a basic old school IPA. It’s not the greatest IPA but I took a chance getting a growler without a taste before hand. Just an instinct as they had good brews. When they brew a good black IPA it is usually a good sign to me. They have it listed as an English IPA. I find it more American as it’s more hoppy than malty. English versions usually seem more balanced to me.