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Act of Balor 10.5%, Back Pew Brewing, United States
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Act of Balor
10.5% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Back Pew Brewing
3 years ago
Act of Balor, United States
With my son-in-law at Back Pew Brewing. Beer three on a flight of six. Small tan head, totally black in color. Very complex beer to describe. Aroma has a sweet molasses tint to it. Texture starts out thin but seems to get heavier. Starts out sweet and traditions into a very salty bitterness. Has a very earthy multy, roasty, burnt, whatever flavor. Whatever it is, it's very strong and intense and put together in an amazingly balanced and successful way. Every sip seems to transition the beer in new ways to detecting flavors in different intensities. Have to give it good marks on such a unique way these flavors combine with each other.