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Más Agave Clasica: Grapefruit 9.7%, Founders Brewing Company, United States
5 arviota
Más Agave Clasica: Grapefruit
9.7% Grodziskie / Gose / Lichtenhainer
Name change due to the Más Agave Seltzer line The cocktail inspiration lives on. Our imperial gose is brewed with agave and sea salt before being aged in tequila barrels. But it doesn’t end there. Once it’s pulled from the barrels, it gets a dose of fresh grapefruit juice to ramp up the tanginess and to pay homage to our other favorite tequila-based cocktail, the Paloma. Sweet, salty, and mouth-puckeringly delicious. ¡Más Agave... Grapefruit!


Post author: Mperry
@ Williquors
1 year ago
Más Agave Clasica: Grapefruit, United States

Post author: Jane .
Jane .
2 years ago
Más Agave Clasica: Grapefruit, United States

Post author: Cedric C
Cedric C
2 years ago
Más Agave Clasica: Grapefruit, United States
🇺🇸🇺🇸 un barrel aged plutôt sucré et fruité. On passe par toutes les étapes, d'abord on a ce petit côté boisé, ensuite on a du sucre et du fruit plein la bouche, pour finir sur des notes salées et acidulées. Avec des fajitas c'était juste parfait.

Post author: Francesco
3 years ago
Amber colour. Smell is fruity with agave juice notes. Taste is powerful and juicy, maybe a little too sweet. Agave flavour is nicely combined with grapefruit one. Persistent taste quite pleasant that make me ask for more sips. The sweet side also covers the alcohol. The barrel aging is not giving woody notes but makes it round and nice, like a liqueur.

Post author: Sirdubby
@ Pint Please at Home
3 years ago
Más Agave Clasica: Grapefruit, United States
Founders has released a third flavor of Mas Agave, so it's time for a side by side by side review. Lime: Huge lime aroma, followed by salt and tequila. I don't remember the lime being this prominent, but I'm totally fine with it. Taste has lime and tequila right up front. Following this, I'm getting salt and a little bit of tartness. This is noticeably less tart than prior years, but I'm fine with that. I think it actually turned out better this way. The body is medium+ with lower carbonation. I'm definitely enjoying this more than the last 2 year's versions. 4.5/5 Grapefruit: Subtle, yet still aromatic, grapefruit with tequila and a hint of salt following. Taste has grapefruit, tequila, salt and a decent amount of tartness, but nothing too crazy. The grapefruit is the perfect combination of bitter and sweet. The body is medium+ with medium carbonation. Very tasty, and I preferred the grapefruit last year, but I'm liking the lime version better this time around. 4.25/5 Prickly Pear: Sweet berry-like aroma, followed by tequila and no noticeable salt in the aroma. Taste has...(before going in for the taste, I'll mention that I have no experience with the flavor of prickly pear. The label describes the flavor as having hints of berry and melon). Taste has a very berry-like flavor. Reminds me of strawberry and raspberry. There is also some melon-like flavor going on here as well. Underneath all this, subtle tequila notes and a little bit of salt follow, but not much in terms of salt. The body is medium-full with lower carbonation. I'll have to do a final sip of all 3 to decide which one is the best, but I'm leaning towards the lime version. After the final sip, 4.25/5 Follow-up: I did the final sip and as you can see above, the lime version is the clear winner. All were great, but the lime was better. The grapefruit was delicious, but not as tasty as the lime. The prickly pear was quite tasty as well, but it lacked some of the tartness and salt characteristics that the other two have. When it comes down to it, the real winner is me. Update: After I poured the rest of the bottle in the glass, more salt and tartness showed up in the Prickly Pear version. Score remains the same.