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The Sand (Dollar) Lot 8.8%, Humble Sea Brewing Company, United States
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The Sand (Dollar) Lot
8.8% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA
The Sand (Dollar) Lot (8.8%) DDH Hop-Fused Foggy DIPA double dry-hopped and fused with Copper, Mosaic, Galaxy, and Motueka.


Post author: Grey
@ Humble Sea Brewing Co.
3 years ago
The Sand (Dollar) Lot, United States
BEER: The Sand (Dollar) Lot BREWERY: Humble Sea Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: NEDIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 8.8% COLOUR (EBC): Mandarin Juice Orange (19.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Hoppy. Pineapples, oranges and other tropical fruits. Lovely hoppy. HEAD: Teo finger tall, mixed bubbled and fast head. GREY’S VIEW Copper, Mosaic, Galaxy & Motueka DDH NEDIPA. Ok. Another Humble Sea and here we dive! Taste is actually gorgeous. Giving raw orange, some pineapples and strawberries. Tangerine and dry bread is just around the corner. Yeh. Sounds simple, but it’s just so beautifully executioned. So beautiful. The rawness is accompanied by the apes and wild jungle around! It’s purely raw, yeh. Mouthfeel is loaded with light malts, some hops and evenly semi wild carbonation. DDH is also perfected in this one; it giving some nips here and there and most of of all perfecting the tropical feel of this journey. OTHER NOTES: Gorgeous beer from Humble Sea. Bit simple, but beautiful in every corner. Lovely, lovely piece. CANNED 29/3/2021 TASTED 15/5/2021