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Nitro Nemesis 7 6.0%, Kompaan, Netherlands
2 notes
Nitro Nemesis 7
6.0% Milkshake IPA
Milkshake poached pear nitro NEIPA Ingredients include pear, lactose, rock sugar and cinnamon


Post author: Serzon74
3 years ago
Beer Icetea

Post author: Vincent
@ Kompaan
3 years ago
First aroma after opening the bottle is a faint pear. Pours amber with a thin beige foam head. I don't taste the poached pear (or pear, or rock sugar, or cinnamon), I don't taste a milkshake beer, I don't taste a nitro beer and I don't taste a NEIPA. Besides totally not tasting anything of the concept, both the aroma (reminds me of fertilizer) and the taste (reminds me of... nothing luckily) are just awful. I definitely did not expect this of Kompaan.