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Grande Coffee Cart 9.6%, Monkish Brewing Company, United States
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Grande Coffee Cart
9.6% Imperial / Double Milk Stout
First bottled Monkish stout! Portola Coffee (Costa Rica and Columbia), Ghana cacao nibs, Madagascar vanilla beans, and milk sugar.


Post author: Grey
@ Monkish Brewing Co.
3 years ago
Grande Coffee Cart, United States
This is apparently the 1st ever bottled Monkish Brewing stout. There was 1200 bottles of this made and here I have one of them. BEER: Grande Coffee Cart BREWERY: Monkish Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: Imperial Milk Stout COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 9.6% COLOUR (EBC): Deep Brown (90.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Sweet and soft. Cocoa and cream. HEAD: Delicious looking. Two finger, tight and tiny bubbled. Brownie cakey. GREY’S VIEW Imperial Milk Stout with Portola Coffee, Ghana Cacao Nibs, Madagascar Vanilla Beans & Milk Sugar. First sip. Chocolate is on the front in this one, vanilla gives nice support to that and the coffee is well roasted and clearly black and slightly black and red peppery! Body is abundant and slow, well rounded and sweet til the coffee hits the party. Carbonation is on the minor role. OTHER NOTES: Funny to see how these dark Monkishes fits my palette much better when they have rested for a while. Enjoyable and exactly what it says it should be; Imperial Milk Stout. BOTTLED 11/2019 TASTED 22/2/2021