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Lupus Salictarius 10.5%, Equilibrium Brewery, United States
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Lupus Salictarius
10.5% Triple IPA
It was great having Mortalis Brewing come to hang a few weeks ago. We all decided to pay homage to the Hops we use on a daily basis. Lupus Salictarius, which literally translates as “wolf of the willows”, is disputably the first hop plants and is said to be the botanical name immortalized by a famous Roman Philosopher (who is also an extremely tasty West Coast IPA. Respect). Tying into the Latin references Mortalis uses, we decided on a recipe that showcases some of our new favorite hops to pay homage to the OG of hops and Lupus Salictarius was born. We started off with a base of 2 row, flaked oats and white wheat before adding a giant addition of Citra and Idaho7 in the whirlpool. We dry hopped with some of our favorites; Citra, Nelson, and Galaxy to finish it of with a big bang. This triple is an absolute explosion of tropical dankness. Big guava, sweet tangerine citrus, white grape, and a touch of passionfruit. It has a smooth but prominent chewy mouthfeel and has big notes of our signature EQJuice that really showcases what these hops have to offer.


Post author: Grey
@ Equilibrium Brewery
3 years ago
Lupus Salictarius, United States
BEER: Lupus Salictarius BREWERY: Equilibrium X Mortalis BEER STYLE: TIPA COUNTRY: USA ALCOHOL (ABV): 10.5% COLOUR (EBC): Orange Juice Yellow (15.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - SCENT: Variable. Lots of sweet tropic fruits to accompany hazy wheats and lemons. Includes something that I don’t quite reach. FOAM: Thick, two finger high white head. Leaves thick and creamy lacing behind. GREY’S VIEW Citra & Idaho 7 hopped and Citra, Nelson Sauvin & Galaxy dry hopped TIPA. First sip on this collab keeps on giving. Firstly the usual basket of fresh tropical fruits and lemons. Then there’s a nanosecond long break before the second wave hits and gives hazy, bit lemontree grovy and wheat fieldy notes with the familiar dry hop snip. Dry hopping rate is actually quite high in this one, but in no means nothing to worry about. Body is on the thicker side, entirely hazy, to say it simple; yammy stuff! Aftertaste brings all the used hops and their characteristics nicely to the palate, taking me straight to my youth and my time in Italian countryside. OTHER NOTES: Lupus Salictarius = Wolf of the Willows = The ancient and first name of Humulus Lupulus. Tasty and rich. It has lot going on in there, but the big picture works greatly. I’m really delightful to have this. CANNED 8/1/2021 TASTED 1/2/2021