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Odyssey 009 11.7%, Siren Craft Brew, England
4 ratings
Odyssey 009
11.7% Imperial Stout
Odyssey 009 is a blend of sherry and bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts and red wine barrel-aged saison, inoculated with brett and lactic-acid. Inspired by Project Barista, the beer is a complex blend of flavours found in your coffee cup - fruity acidity, roasted chocolate, nuttiness and a rounded caramel and toffee finish. A small addition of Brazilian coffee from Anvil in Basingstoke accentuates the sweetness


Post author: Matth_Deb
2 years ago

Post author: Chris O
Chris O
3 years ago
This is one complex bird, heavy with aroma of promise (with a lovely kick from the barrel ageing). Thick and full flavour from the figs, coffee and molasses. This will be great with the steak currently on the bbq...if it lasts. Only downside is the bottle size. 😁

Post author: Callum B
Callum B
3 years ago

Post author: Simon P
Simon P
@ Siren Craft Brew Tap Room
3 years ago
Odyssey 009, England