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Drop the Needle 16.2%, Mikerphone Brewing, United States
3 arviota
Drop the Needle
16.2% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Collaboration w/ Other Half Brewing Co. (USA). Imperial Stout with Madagascar and Tahitian Vanilla Beans Aged in Willett Rye and Bourbon Barrels.


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Mikerphone Brewing
3 years ago
Drop the Needle, United States
Beer #5. Opaque, pitch black beer moves like a slow motion movie. The head is fawn, almost chocolatey, fairly modest and soon very gossamer. Massive delicate vanilla bursts all over in the air. Awesome. Powerful very dark chocolate and bags of cacao nibs penetrate the air, as if decorated with a pinch of mint chocolate. Fruity Bourbon leaks from its oak barrel. Faint brown sugar seasons in the background. The taste is extremely intense. Deep. Rich. All the flavors are just extraordinary. Reasonably complex but not a triumph of millions of flavors. I pick loads of vanilla-flavored dark chocolate, bags of cacao nibs, vanilla... did I mention vanilla?? Rye malt, as well. Bourbon punches its fruity nuances straight against the tastebuds. The body is robust. Whoaa! The finish serves about the same flavors as upfront. Maybe the intensity declines a bit but keeps the level beautifully. The duration seems to be long. The mouthfeel is crazily full, intense, definitely barrel aged, sticky and oily. It's truly thick and desserty. Deep and rich with a decent degree of complexity. Slow sipper without compromise.

Post author: RRudolf
3 years ago
Drop the Needle, United States
Paksun öljyinen koostumus. Pikimusta väri. HEnto hitaasti kehittyvä vaahto, joka laskee nopeasti. Tuoksussa sopivasti tynnyriä eli puuta, vaniljaa ja alkoholisuutta. vaniljaisuus tietysti korostuu lisätyn vaniljan muodossa, mutta tämä pysyy silti loistavassa balanssissa. Lisäksi paahdettua karamellia, suklaata ja tupakkaa. Paksu runko ja runsaan öljyisä sekä tuhti suutuntuma. Maussa hyvä määrä tynnyrin profiilia, reippaasti vaniljaa, tummaa suklaata, tasaisesti paahteisuutta, tummaa karamellia, lakritsaa ja kiva alkoholin puraisu lopussa. Todella laadukasta tekemistä!

Post author: Grey
3 years ago
Drop the Needle, United States
TASTING REVIEW Mikerphone Brewing x Other Half Brewing collaboration. Imperial Stout aged in Willet Rye Bourbon Barrels. Madagascar & Tahitian Vanilla bean flavoured. The aroma by itself is already so gorgeous that I’d like to just bathe in this pitch black liquid. Velvety vanilla with the stone hard Willet Rye is beautiful. Taste has licorice and vanilla beans dipped in molted chocolate which then have hit the Rye barrels. Thick and oily texture. Lovely! The shape of this glass caress perfectly with this liquid 🥰❤️