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Cuvee de Sauvin 8.0%, Ology Brewing Co, United States
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Cuvee de Sauvin
8.0% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA
Cuvee de Sauvin 8% Hazy Double IPA with Sauvignon Blanc Grapes and Nelson Sauvin Hops We double-downed on the white wine, white peach, gooseberry experience in this beer. Not only is it filled with amazing Nelson hop flavor, but we fermented it with Sauvignon Blanc grape must. This lended a sharper note with some tannin and grape flavors on the finish. Amazing blend (Cuvee) of flavors in this fun package!


Post author: Grey
@ Ø
3 years ago
Cuvee de Sauvin, United States
BEER: Cuvee de Sauvin BREWERY: Ology Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: NEDIPA COUNTRY: USA ALCOHOL (ABV): 8.0% COLOUR (EBC): Orange yellow (15.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - SCENT: Bright, clean and simple. Grapey with a good amount of rustic and grovy sensation. FOAM: Nicely creamy, one finger tall, rather fast, leaving the slightest lace after. GREY’S VIEW Nelson Sauvin hopped and Sauvignon Blanc grape must flavored NEDIPA. Let’s dive in. Cheers! Hah! Funny stuff. First sip brings white grapes and surprizingly lots of orange juice kind of freshness. There’s also a clear feel of that Sauvignon Blanc grape must in this; white wine like, slowly drying, hazy/floury. Mouthfeel is nice; a bit on the thick side, it’s also hazy in its purest meaning which slowly over takes the entire mouth. Aftertaste has some resin / pine, hunch of bitterness as Sauvignon Blanc grape must works its way to the front as the beer continues. OTHER NOTES: Nice and surprizingly fresh stuff. That grape must works really well, making this a charmingly different. CANNED 16/9/2020 TASTED 6/11/2020