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Lighthouse 6.1%, Pensacola Bay Brewery, United States
1 ratings
6.1% Porter
The Pensacola Lighthouse is an icon for our hometown, and so is our porter. For centuries, a light high above a tower has served as a beacon to sailors at sea. Even though we don’t keep the Lighthouse Porter on our roof, you’d be surprised at how many sailors seem to think it’s a sign! The Lighthouse Porter is flavorful, without being heavy. An enjoyable sipping beer, you’ll definitely find your way to shore with our Lighthouse Porter.


Post author: Edgeworth
2 years ago
Lighthouse, United States
Thick foamy tan head that continues for a long time without dissipating. Color is a very deep clear red. Aroma thats rich, roasted and moderately strong. A texture that's not thick, more flat and dry. Flavor brings a rich malt, some semi-sweet cocoa coming through. Earthy roasted finish with a trailing bitterness. Gets better with each sip.