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Old Jalopy Pale Ale 5.5%, Powell Street Craft Brewery, Canada
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Old Jalopy Pale Ale
5.5% American Pale Ale
Fantastic English style PA..Bronze medal winner 2016 World Beer Awards..Philadelphia..get some soon!!
IBU : 40


Post author: Simon R
Simon R
5 years ago

Post author: Juan Guillermo
Juan Guillermo
5 years ago

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Beverly Corners
6 years ago
Old Jalopy Pale Ale, Canada
This pale ale is a well crafted beer that is delightfully delicate and equally intricate. It shows off a glass beautifully filling it with a deep golden hue. It developes an average head that lasts long enough for photo ops and cheers then resigns itself to a lacy foam that leaves replicants of itself sporadically along the sides. The initial aromas are breezy floral and soft citrus. The malt add a faint caramel and scone scent as if just barely breathed in from a bakery down the block. Possibly more cookie than scone but the aroma is so light that it hardly matters. The mouth agrees with the nose. About the only difference is a touch of sweetness that cradles the flavours and an ever so slight tang of bitterness to balance. It is difficult to overstate the delicate nature of this beer. It is elegant.

Post author: Magskall
8 years ago

Post author: Mr. T
Mr. T
8 years ago
Hey..these West coast guys just won bronze at the Philadelphia craft beer conference & rightly so. English style pale..West coast hops..nice 2 finger foamy head..extremely sessional..will b around for a long time