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Super Fractal Kangaroo Set 10.0%, Equilibrium Brewery, United States
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Super Fractal Kangaroo Set
10.0% Triple IPA
Super Fractal Kangaroo Set starts off with a fractal grain bill and keeping the hops All Aussie Everything, Galaxy leads the way on the dry hop with some support from Sabro and Citra. Super Fractal Kangaroo set pours a hazy intense yellow with aromas of tropical fruit, coconut, and assorted citrus. The flavors of orange, melon, and gummy bears permeate with under an umbrella of Pina colada. Tiki drinks on an Australian beach come to mind with each sip. This beer is extremely smooth for its size and contains our explosive #EQjuice profile giving you melon and gummy notes on the backend. It’s a great example of what happens with you let your mind fractals flow freely. Drink responsibly and enjoy this Kaleidoscope of Roos raised to the fith dimension.


Post author: Grey
4 years ago
Super Fractal Kangaroo Set, United States
OLUT: Super Fractal Kangaroo Set PANIMO: Equilibrium Brewery OLUTTYYPPI: TIPA MAA: Yhdysvallat VAHVUUS: 10,0% VÄRI (EBC): Appelsiininkeltainen (15.0) KATKEROT (EBU/IBU): - TUOKSU: - VAAHTO: - GREY’S VIEW Humalointi tietoa ei saatavilla. Täysin vaahdoton. Vahvan appelsiininen. Mandariinia, aprikoosia sekä jotakin trooppista hedelmää jota en nyt saa mieleen. Erittäin mielyttävän tulevan raikas.