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Black Plague Stout 8.5%, Storm Brewing, Canada
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Black Plague Stout
8.5% Stout
During the Middle Ages millions died of what became known as the Black Plague. Yet mysteriously brewers and beer drinkers seemed largely immune. We've since solved the mystery, the Plague spread rapidly due to unsanitary conditions such as stagnant water, thus making beer one of the only safe things to drink. In honour of those pioneering plague fighters we brew our mighty Black Plague Stout. A behemoth of near Imperial proportions, this dry Irish style stout is sure to convert even the most devoted drinkers of Ireland's most famous export. We start with Canadian two row barley, followed by loads of roast barley and oats, a light addition of Pacific Northwest Columbus hops and finish it off with some fresh liquorice root and decadent dark cocoa for a little chocolaty mouth feel. Brewed in small batches (even by our micro brewing standards), the result is a smooth, rich, roasty and always fresh stout sure to cure what ale's ya. This once seasonal favourite is available year round for you thirsty hoards looking to fend off the plague of boring beer.


Post author: Christian_W
6 years ago