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Storm Brewing
10 ratings
Storm Brewing

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Post author: Jocelyn D
Jocelyn D
9 months ago
Nez léger, couleur noir opaque, broue discrète, goût complexe légèrement sucré.

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Beverly Corners
11 months ago
The idea seems solid. From the placid still surface of this lightly golden beer, escaping through a modest bright foam layer, aromas of juniper ask politely for your attention. Upon giving it a solid swirling, allowing some carbonation to escape the slightly hazy liquid, the scent of lime pushes to the front, stealing the show. The first sip gives an immediate impression of its namesake. After settling onto the taste buds, it breaks into components and allows one to experience the juniper and lime working together. The mouth feel a little creamy and there is a sweetness that accentuates this. I think I'd prefer a little more bitterness or tartness to help "POP" the gin notes. As I get further into the drink, a certain straw like quality presents. Not unpleasant, certainly lends more noticeability tonthe sweet and creamy aspects. Tasty, quite refreshing, I'd have another for sure.

Post author: I Like My Beers
I Like My Beers
3 years ago

Post author: Christian_W
6 years ago

Post author: Ade H
Ade H
@ Barley Hops
7 years ago

Post author: Mattias N
Mattias N
8 years ago

Post author: Magskall
@ Storm Brewing-East Van.
8 years ago

Post author: I Like My Beers
I Like My Beers
@ Craft Beer Market
8 years ago