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Cocoa Docus 6.7%, Staggeringly Good Beer, England
4 ratings
Cocoa Docus
6.7% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout


Post author: Mike B
Mike B
@ Staggeringly Good Brewery
3 years ago
Cocoa Docus, England
Bought it as part of a mixed pack. I hate stouts like. Giving it a slight mark because for the first 3 seconds it tasted ok, and then the flavour kicked in and made me do a sort of dinosaur noise with disgust. Btw, the rest of the mixed pack was excellent. Just this one I didn’t enjoy

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
4 years ago
Version I had was 10.3%, so clearly an imperial version. Lots of chocolate and very tasty. Just not as rich as I would have liked.

Post author: Jonny B
Jonny B
4 years ago