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Liquid Desserts 07: Strawberry White Choc Cheesecake Quad 11.0%, Big Belly Brewing Company, Netherlands
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Liquid Desserts 07: Strawberry White Choc Cheesecake Quad
11.0% Abt / Quadrupel


Post author: Remu
3 years ago

Post author: Valtteri Koo
Valtteri Koo
4 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Beerdome
4 years ago
Liquid Desserts 07: Strawberry White Choc Cheesecake Quad, Netherlands
Bright, very deep dark brown beer reveals a ruby shimmer when portrayed against light. The timid carbonation forms a yellowish, relatively dense head that builds itself up to one finger's height. It descends unwillingly to an appealing mousse-like lacing. The foamy cap kisses the glass and rises a bit toward its side. The scent gives bags of strawberry and cherry pralines, added raisin and a moderate amount of dried plum. The fragrance is desserty and somewhat pastry-like. The taste is rather strong and quite boozy. Among the gustatory components, I can distinguish cherry nectar, a recognizeable punch of somewhat sour strawberry, fresh raspberry, a little bit of raw chocolate and raw cacao powder. Alcohol is distinct as if cherry liqueur. Further down the line, I get raisin, a drop of bitter watery syrup and a tiny injection of dried plum. The body is light-medium. Only. It explains the booziness since the ABV is not higher than 11 %. The beer finishes with thin cherry liqueur, a pinch of cherry pralines, defrosted raspberry and sour strawberry mash. The aftertaste closes the chapter rapidly. The mouthfeel is boozy and especially liqueur-like. It's also faintly tart, somewhat sappy, semisticky and lip-glueing. The mouthfeel is lighter than expected. Overall, reasonably desserty and offers a slow enjoyment. Interesting, though not mind-blowing.