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Grandeur 10.0%, Van Moll, Netherlands
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10.0% Abt / Quadrupel


Post author: Stavros Ioannidis
Stavros Ioannidis
@ Van Moll
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ De BierTonne
3 years ago
Grandeur, Netherlands
"Grandeur" is a Cognac Barrel Aged Quadrupel from 🇳🇱. Sounds highly boozy although the ABV clocks "only" 10 %. The best before date is set in December 2023 but I guess it could be cellared longer. The beer pours misty, deep dark brown. The decent carbonation releases a sand-hued, big-bubbled head that thickens up to half a finger's height and then dissipates to a messy lace ring on the top. The scent echoes positive news in the form of sweet malt, hefty raisin, a good amount of syrup, brown sugar and molasses. Faint toffee and vanilla can also be detected but the promised Cognac is astonishingly well camouflaged. Or could it actually be present exactly in the form of toffee and vanilla? Cognacs aren't my cup of tea, so it's hard to tell. Cognac, however, steps bravely forward on the tongue. Raisin, date, dried dark plum and sweet malt support the foundation firmly. When keeping the sip a bit longer in the mouth, the oaky nuance of the barrel starts signaling of its existence. Vanilla is really subtle on the taste receptors, followed by a whisper of caramel. Lovely. 🤎🤎🤎 The body is medium to medium-full. Not very robust but neither is the ABV particularly high. The finish is pretty identical to the actual taste, perhaps only a distant hoppy twist escorts the already familiar gang of raisin, date, sweet malt and the rest. Vanilla vanishes from the mouth completely but the oaky punch gives a hasty show before retiring. The aftertaste offers a few glasses of Cognac to Jean-Claude Juncker who finishes them in almost no time. The mouthfeel is strong and intense, yet positively smooth, soft and round, as well. It's distinctly barrel aged, slightly lip-glueing and mature. Offers layers, still not very complex. I could also add 'reasonably elegant' to the list. Great nightcap. 🤎🤎🤎 The label is very artistic. Not sure what the figures are up to but my guess is something sinful. Good for them.

Post author: Wosing
4 years ago
Grandeur, Netherlands
Un vrai mystère cette bière. Je ne suis pas du tout sur de l'aimer ou pas. Le goût est assez fort en alcool et subtile en même temps. Le cognac se fait sentir mais n'en ayant jamais bu je trouve ce goût un peu trop fort... Bref une bière qui raviera les amateurs de cognac je pense. Edit : elle tape violement par contre.