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Strongman Coffee Milk Stout 5.3%, Hi-Wire Brewing, United States
1 ratings
Strongman Coffee Milk Stout
5.3% Stout
STRONGMAN COFFEE MILK STOUT Inspired by our head brewer’s cafe con leche-fueled travels in Key West. Local coffee from Dynamite Roasting Co. is cold-extracted and added post fermentation to this sweet, creamy beer.


Post author: Edgeworth
4 years ago
Strongman Coffee Milk Stout, United States
Opaque deep brown color. Aroma is a burnt coffee. Medium high deep tan head. Bitter roasted coffee flavor. No sweetness present. Crisp and light mouthfeel. Not the creamy milk stout I was expecting. Finish continues with the bitter, burnt coffee. More of a Porter than a Stout. I like this but they missed on the milk stout description.