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Friendship Seizon 11.5%, Hoppy People, Switzerland
3 Bewertungen
Friendship Seizon
11.5% Saison / Farmhouse Ale


Post author: Quentin C
Quentin C
2 years ago

Post author: Collin T
Collin T
@ La TapRoom
4 years ago
Friendship Seizon, Switzerland
Hoppy people hoppy cuite

Post author: WexiLahti
5 years ago
Friendship Seizon, Switzerland
This is the last Swiss beer that this bar seems to have that I haven't tried yet. It's an Imperial Sour Saison of 11.5 %, which already as such sounds unique. I'll go for it. The beer pours impenetrable, peach-nectar-colored. The carbonation is rather restrained but the little that is there lasts long. A clean white, silky head emerges on the top. It reaches half a finger's height maximum, descends then to a thin lacing adorning the surface and leaves no marks on the glass when contracting. The nose gets... nothing. What's wrong? My nose or the beer? Gotta wait for some time now. [...]  OK, suggestions of apricot and carrot start emanating timidly to the nostrils. Or to be more accurate, it's actually carrot and apricot, in this sequence. Nonetheless, I guess that's it for the fragrance -- my patience doesn't allow me to sit here for the whole evening so I'll leave it as it is. Like this. The taste receptors enjoy the medium-sour apricot, a good amount of lemon pulp, a tad orange juice and distant mandarin. The carrot is either not there or it's very restrained. Am I also imagining distant pumpkin? A wheaty backbone supports anyway nicely the package. The body is medium. It's an applaudable body for a Saison but not much for 11.5 %. Anyway, the beer ends with rather sour apricot and peach, a decent punch of orange and a small injection of mandarin juice. Everything is sourish. A note of carrot has returned to the game, it's subdued but identifiable. I've also learned today that carrot is more a fruit than vegetable. 🥕  So be it. The mouthfeel is interestingly medium-full, rather tart and mildly puckering. It's also medium-dry, a tad mouth-drying and truly juicy. Furthermore, the mouthfeel is very gardeny and nicely summery, maybe also somewhat autumnal. Very quaffable but for such a unique beer I sort of anticipated more.