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La Madeleine Triple 9.3%, Bière du Lac, Switzerland
1 arviota
La Madeleine Triple
9.3% Tripel


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
4 years ago
La Madeleine Triple, Switzerland
Rather foggy, amber beer allows some light to penetrate the liquid. The ray of light reveals that the lazy, rapid carbonation lays a moderate, off-white head that just rises half a centimeter tall. The foamy lid contracts soon to a hair-thin lacing on the top. No splatters are left behind. The olfactory package proves to be astonishingly subdued. I try to "squeeze" something out of the fragrance but all I get is a faint note of sweet malt and something fruity; not sure though whether it's lemon or apricot -- it's so recessive. On the taste receptors the beer gives strong sweet biscuity malt, bags of fermented banana, recognizeable proportions of cantaloupe and apricot as well as a hint of mango. I can also trace sugared lemon pulp there. A fairly heavy punch of yeast leaves its fingerprint on the gustatory experience. A detectable alcoholic effect is evident right from the start albeit it's by no means disturbing and actually moves soon out of my radar. The body is medium-full. The aftertaste puts on the table more fermented banana, somewhat sweet lemon pulp, a tad apricot, yeasty sweet malt and a biscuity nuance. Interestingly, no alcohol in the finish that otherwise disappears rather rapidly from the tastebuds' reach. The mouthfeel is soft, smooth, somewhat thick and nectar-like. It's also a bit sticky and rather lip-glueing. Furthermore, the mouthfeel is relatively tart, remotely alcoholic and merely slightly Belgiany. A disappointment is that the alcohol doesn't leave a warming feeling in the throat. Overall, a rather tasty and quite easy Tripel that, nevertheless, lacks such character as the good Belgian and Dutch Tripels possess.