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Mississippi Fire Ant 8.0%, Southern Prohibition Brewery, United States
3 ratings
Mississippi Fire Ant
8.0% Imperial Pilsner / Strong Pale Lager
MISSISSIPPI FIRE ANT • IMPERIAL RED ALE • 8.0% ABV Our first high gravity offering, this dry hopped Imperial Red Ale has a huge malt presence peaking out of its many hop additions. Dark mahogany red with a nice fluffy head, the Fire Ant showcases roasted and toasted caramel notes layered between spicy, fruity and herbal hops.


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Southern Prohibition Brewing
7 months ago
Mississippi Fire Ant, United States
Past post from an earlier trip to Southern Prohibition Brewing. Came in a flight so no head. Lightly hazy and more brown than red. Red ale flavor with a little bitter kick in the middle. Has a very earthy and rustic quality. The finish adds a little more to the bitterness. For an imperial I'm not really getting that much alcohol. Still a very good flavor.

Post author: Atemp
@ The camp house Starkville ms
2 years ago
Good pils, but not my favorite

Post author: Edgeworth
4 years ago
Mississippi Fire Ant, United States
Very unusual for an red ale. This is a draft from a growler. Has a sweet aroma. Spicy, maybe figs. Starts with a medium tan head, and lasts. Color is a very hazy yellow brown. Flavor begins bitter sweet, very dry. Seems fruity, still thinking figs. Long dry, hoppy finish. Really more like a Porter. Very good.