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Ayinger Kirtabier 5.8%, Ayinger Privatbrauerei, Germany
195 ratings
Ayinger Kirtabier
5.8% Oktoberfest / Märzen
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The “Kirtabier” is brewed for one of the most important festival days in Bavaria, the “Kirchweih” church fest. The intensive double decoction mashing with the mixture of three malts gives the beer a warm, brown color and a well-balanced, full-bodied, solid aromatic malty quality. The salubrious character of Kirtabier is distinguished by a high degree of fermentation, a pleasant sparkle and a distinctly perceptible bitter quality. The Kirtabier comes “premium cloudy” to the bar, which means unfiltered with that full cellar taste.
IBU: 21.2


Post author: Jimbo
5 days ago
Ayinger Kirtabier, Germany
Not alot of aroma but you get a hint of sweetness from the malts. The taste is similar with the sweetness and roasted malts coming through to the back end. The mouthfell is phenomenal with medium to full giving it a luxurious taste. You get a kick of hops bitterness at the finish with the usual stinging nettle taste.

Post author: antistream
@ Oluthuone Amsterdam
2 months ago
Mukavan pehmeä, kevyt ja maltainen Oktoberfest-olut. Sopii hyvin toastin kylkeen.

Post author: Dottore Stranoamore
Dottore Stranoamore
2 months ago
Mycken smakrik med stor kropp och lång eftersmak. Ganska smörig känsla.

Post author: PILS98
@ Maruhn
2 months ago
Ayinger Kirtabier, Germany
Für mich ein sehr gutes Festbier 👍

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Beers of Europe Warehouse
10 months ago
Ayinger Kirtabier, Germany
Lovely ruby dark enjoyable beer. It’s malty but smooth. Lovely.

Post author: Александр
@ Hmel & Solod / Хмель & Солод
1 year ago
Ayinger Kirtabier, Germany
Особый сорт праздничного из Баварии. Медно-янтарное пиво, мутное, с минимальным осадком. Пена на пару пальцев, однородная, кремового цвета, плавно тает оставляя географические узоры на стенках бокала. Аромат солодовый, с кислинкой, немного дрожжей. Вкус интенсивный, сложный, основа солодовая в неё вливаются мотивы сливы, яблочек и ещё что-то неуловимо знакомое, но ускользающее как день в конце ноября. Резкий конец глотка с пощипыванием языка перетекает в длительное суховатое послевкусие. Много такого не выпить, но после работы стаканчик залетает на Ура! A special kind of festive from Bavaria. Copper-amber beer, hazy, with minimal sediment. Foam for a couple of fingers, homogeneous, creamy, melts smoothly leaving geographical patterns on the walls of the glass. The aroma is malty, with sourness, a little yeast. The taste is intense, complex, the base is malty. Plums, apples and something else subtly familiar, but slipping away like a day at the end of November, flow into it. The sharp end of the sip with tingling of the tongue flows into a long dry aftertaste. You can’t drink a lot of this, but after work the glass flies with Hurrah!

Post author: MI$
1 year ago

Post author: JaanaPiritta
@ München
1 year ago

Post author: Vahe
1 year ago

Post author: Jardello
1 year ago