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Tsarina Esra Bowmore BA 13.5%, Brouwerij de Molen, Netherlands
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Tsarina Esra Bowmore BA
13.5% Imperial Porter


Post author: Miikka
4 years ago
Tsarina Esra Bowmore BA, Netherlands
I can really smell the sweetness on this one. Taste is wood-like which comes from the barrel probably and there’s smokiness too. Very interesting beer. I lllllove it!🥳

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ Pint Please Headquarters
4 years ago
Tsarina Esra Bowmore BA, Netherlands
Bottle. Bottled on: 7.12.2017 Temperature:? Coffee brown with small tan head. Good retention, especially concodering the high ABV: 4,25/5 Lots and lots of lovely Bowmore aromas with smokey, salty and slight peated notes. Maltiness comes through nicely together with faint roasty coffee notes. Strong and bold: 4,25/5 Full and velvety mouthfeel with noticebly whisky like alcohol warmth and oaky feel. Slightly too boozy with not enough body: 3,75/5 Taste is all about Bowmore and oak. Maltiness, again comes through with a mildly sweet flavour and some coffee/chocolate notes. Aftertaste is oaky dry: 11,5/15 Beautiful barrel aged beer. Just barely the barrel aging doesn't turn too dominating: 16/20 =39,75/50

Post author: Viltzu
@ Beerdome
4 years ago
Tsarina Esra Bowmore BA, Netherlands
Turpeisen savuviskinen, tummasuklainen, espressoinen, tummaleipäinen, miedon salmiakkinen ja kaakaoinen. Aika tuhti runko ja katkeroakin löytyy mukavasti. Silti juotavuus kohdillaan. Ehdoton suositus...