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Fit Burd 5.2%, Kallio Artisan Brewery, Finland
2 ratings
Fit Burd
5.2% Golden Ale / Blond Ale


Post author: Miikka K
Miikka K
@ Pien Shop & Bar
5 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Pien Shop & Bar
5 years ago
Fit Burd, Finland
Misty, deep amber beer with tame but fizzy, short-lived carbonation creates a velvety, white head that barely reaches one finger. The foamy cap dissolves soon to rushedly to a frazil-icy lacing wafting on the surface. The retreating foam leaves only a few minuscule spots on the wall of the glass. The scent displays a generous amount of lemon zest and a tad lemon peel, fruity yeast as well as a minor addition of oat flakes. The yeast and citrus, obviously, constitute jointly a perfumy nuance that bears also a faint aroma of solvent. The taste matches almost perfectly the pre-impression created by the fragrance: perfumy lemon zest, a bit of lemon peel, a drop of orange, fruity yeast and moderate floral hops. The gustatory profile is awkward. The light-bodied beer ends with the same unpleasant citrus, especially lemon pith but also a tiny dollop of orange zest, accompanied by a yeasty whisper. The strange nuance spooks in the shadows, be it perfum or washing powder. The aftertaste gives mercy to the tastebuds rather quickly. The mouthfeel is light, both perfumy and floral, slightly crisp and odd. It's also relatively flat and distantly dry. Definitely no need to revisit.