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Dank Hill 9.0%, Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company, United States
1 arviota
Dank Hill
9.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
5 years ago
Dank Hill, United States
This is quite dank as the name implies. Has a strong dank citrusy (mostly lemon) taste with some piney resin. A very minor caramel malt background. It’s a wheat DIPA so maybe that is where the lemon comes from. On the can list brewed with propane and propane accessories. Don’t know what that means other than maybe it is the heat source. Overall I’m digging the dank side as it is more with the lemon citrus taste then with just the pine as most dankness tastes go. Pine is there but the lemon just meshes with it and just really compliments this well. A very tasty DIPA worthy of a 4.3. Neshaminy Creek brewing is making some good stuff. Luckily it is right near where I grew up Adding as I finish the dank side gets stronger.