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Sunshack Feijoa Elderflower Cider 8.0%, Sunshack Cider, Australia
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Sunshack Feijoa Elderflower Cider
8.0% Other Cider


Post author: WexiLahti
@ BWS Beer Wine Spirits, Lake St.
5 years ago
Sunshack Feijoa Elderflower Cider, Australia
Transparent, pale yellow cider with decent but hasty carbonation releases a truly quick, white ring of tiny bubbles that dies immediately out. The scent displays distinct elderflower, a bit of lemon pulp, faint pineapple and distant green apple. The taste puts forward an interesting cocktail of elderflower, carambola, lemon zest and green apple, accompanied by pear and pineapple and further followed by a tiny injection of guava and a pinch of kiwi. The cider finishes rushedly with light-sour but still sugary lemon pulp, elderflower and green apple. The mouthfeel is somewhat light, fresh, remotely tart but also relatively lip-glueing as well as very juicy. It's also substantially tropical and exotic.