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Sunshack Pear Mango Cider 8.0%, Sunshack Cider, Australia
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Sunshack Pear Mango Cider
8.0% Other Cider


Post author: WexiLahti
@ BWS Beer Wine Spirits, Lake St.
5 years ago
Sunshack Pear Mango Cider, Australia
Transparent, pale straw cider with reasonable, short-lived carbonation creates a very weak head that dies almost immediately away. The scent is extremely tropical and oversweet: bags of sweet mango, a good amount of banana, some cantaloupe and zesty pear push their aromas towards the olfactory organ. The tongue gets delighted of the not-so-sweet taste as what the fragrance would have suggested. I find mango, passionfruit, pear and cantaloupe among the gustatory elements. The positive thing is that the tropical fruit punch is embedded in a light-sour overall palate, which makes this drink more gluggable. The cider finishes rather rapidly. The mouthfeel is extraordinarily juicy, very tropical and simultaneously somewhat sappy and faintly tart. Interesting but no more.