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Trellis Buster 8.5%, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, United States
3 ratings
Trellis Buster
8.5% Imperial IPA / Double IPA


Post author: PixBoulder
2 years ago
Trellis Buster, United States

Post author: LiamArc
@ Tuscany Wine, Spirits + Craft
4 years ago

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
5 years ago
Trellis Buster, United States
Disappointed in this as it listed it was a hop bomb. Not quite so in my eyes. This has some fruit that is grapefruit mainly. The rest is kind of a mesh with nothing really sticking out. A touch of dankness. Has a very light toasted caramel malt to it. Overall I was expecting a hop bomb but not even close. Taste as a DIPA is even very weak. Also a touch of booziness. Average at best