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Who Cares Editions: Stranger Than Paradise 3.1%, Brauhaus Bevog, Austria
1 ratings
Who Cares Editions: Stranger Than Paradise
3.1% Table Beer / Dinner Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Mel's Craft Beers and Diner
5 years ago
Who Cares Editions: Stranger Than Paradise, Austria
Flight 2/6. Limpid, deep yellow beer with standard, regular-duration carbonation creates a one-finger, off-white, cotton head that leaves some traces on the glass when drying. The scent displays distinct lime, some lemon pulp and a bit of coarse grated lemon peel, seasoned with faint yeast and bitter orange peel. The tongue tastes medium-strong lemon pulp, a good portion of lemon peel, some pomelo juice and a small dollop of squeezed grapefruit. The thin-bodied beer finishes with a good amount of grapefruit pulp, amended by other citric notes. The aftertaste has medium duration. The mouthfeel is somewhat thin, rather light, substantially refreshing, light-tart and truly summery. It's also rather remotely Oriental. Quaffable for a low-alc 3.1 % beer.