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Cowboys from Hull 4.5%, Black Iris Brewery, England
5 ratings
Cowboys from Hull
4.5% Saison / Farmhouse Ale


Post author: Vysey
2 years ago

Post author: Simo L. Enko
Simo L. Enko
@ Craft Beer Helsinki Ullanlinna 2018
5 years ago
Sitruuna-marenkinen tuoksu. Maku on kevyen hapan, sitruunainen, kevyen hiivainen. Pitkästä aikaa hyvä uusi saison maisto.

Post author: TiiZei U
TiiZei U
@ Craft Beer Helsinki 2018
5 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Craft Beer Helsinki 2018
5 years ago
Cowboys from Hull, England
Murky, golden beer with creamy, white head. The fragrance portrays pineapple and passionfruit, a tad pomelo and grapefruit. For the assessment of the taste, I want to inform my dear readers that this beer was the last drops from the tank. It may have affected the taste. The palate itself is medium-sour citrus, slight pineapple and a bit of sour raw mango. The light-bodied beer finishes thin, lemony aftertaste and a bit of sour pineapple. The mouthfeel is light, summery, reasonably tart and somewhat thin.