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Beast From The East 11.0%, Siren Craft Brew, England
5 ratings
Beast From The East
11.0% India Pale Ale
A triple IPA. Eukanot, Mosaic, Simcoe, Columbus and Chinook are used to create juicy, dank and fruity notes, balanced with some sweetness from a hefty malt backbone. A warming ale packed full of hops with notes of spice.


Post author: Christophe R
Christophe R
@ Chopin
5 years ago
Beast From The East, England

Post author: Neil
5 years ago

Post author: Philmyglass
@ The Golden Smog
5 years ago
Beast From The East, England
Powerful stuff but not really a whole load of IPA going on. It’s incredibly malty, (reminded me a bit of a less powerful Backwoods Bastard) there’s some pine resin and a touch of citrus. Quite a dry and bitter finish with a decent whack of alcohol. Not bad, but not exactly what I’d expected.

Post author: Antza
5 years ago
Utuinen, meripihkan värinen olut. Tuoksussa hedelmää ja punaisia marjoja. Maku on todella pehmeä ja täyteläinen. Marjainen, hedelmäinen, täyteläisen maltainen. Maltaisuus vielä korostuu jälkimaussa ennen kuin kevyet katkerot tulevat esiin. Aivan lopuksi prosentit tulevat vähän läpi.

Post author: King Goblin
King Goblin
@ Home
6 years ago
Beast From The East, England