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Drekker Brewing Company
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Drekker Brewing Company
Fargo, United States

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Post author: DigiKriSSt
@ Pien Webshop
12 days ago
Mukavan tukeva 'olut' herkutteluun ja esim. illan istujaisiin. Aika vähän tässä enää on oluesta kysymys, hyvä jos edes samaa polkua tallataan. Tuoksu paljastaa välittömästi pähkinän eikä sitä makujen joukostakaan tarvitse pahemmin etsiä. Jotain marjaisuutta on myös mutta sitä en löytänyt enää niin helposti vaan lunttasin tölkistä ja laitoin mustaherukan ja luumun kimpaksi. Ei erityisen makea eikä hapan. Kuten alkuun todettu, semisti sosemainen, maukas ja typerysten pölötyksen kuuntelemista helpottamaan suunniteltu juoma.

Post author: orson
@ Hoptimaal
20 days ago
Free Beer. Very over riped fruits, but only 2-3 months old. Not for me. I like more tropical DIPAs.

Post author: beerguy204
@ Midtown Tavern
1 month ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Pien Webshop
3 months ago
Wednesday. Mid-workweek. What a good excuse to crack a beer open. Or wait a minute... Today is a Sour Beer Day! Oh yess! It's not an excuse anymore, it's a reason! And of course, the beer is a Sour Beer. A Smoothie Sour, to be precise. Pours miky magenta. Sounds odd but looks yummy. A similar-hued soapy head with colossal bubbles reaches three fingers and clings tightly to the glass. Goes without saying that the foam messes the glass as if ice-cream had molten in it. This looks extraordinarily milkshakey!! The fragrance is just O-M-G. Divine! This promises raspberry cheesecake and it is what I get. One thousand percent! Loads of raspberry mash, natural cream cheese, hefty vanilla, lactose, a suggestion of blackberry and oat shortbread. Awesome. Exactly what I wanted to enjoy. 💕💗💜 Can't wait to sip this. Raspberry is overwhelming. So natural, moderately sour, mashy and extremely thick. Somewhat sweet. The additional components include vanilla and lactose, faint strawberry and blackberry as well as oat shortbread. Is there also marginal banana? What an impressive sensation! Very milkshakey!! 💜💕💜 The body is full. Obviously thanks to all the adjuncts which count many. The end is identical to the actual taste. First ice-creamy, then milkshakey. Really attractive. Do you remember the day when a bong meant a chime and a buzz was a noise insecticidal? A joint was something between bones, and getting really stoned only happened to bad people in the Bible. When the finish came with the beer drinking, it was the worst thing ever. The mouthfeel is super-milkshakey, thick, creamy, lip-glueing and – yes, I have to admit – quite unbeery. It's also somewhat rich, soft, smooth, heavily adjuncted and innovative. Spoonable (is that a real word?). Anyway, excessive even in its own genre