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Montucky Cold Snacks
9 ratings
Montucky Cold Snacks
Bozeman, United States

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Post author: Tommi M
Tommi M
@ Alus Celle
5 months ago
Vetinen, hieman vaniljajäätelön laktoosista makua. Kehno lager edes janojuomaksi.

Post author: RichardJRosas
@ Best quality daughter
6 months ago
Like tasting beer okay but just okay

Post author: Fmk2189
@ Smith's Grocery
2 years ago
IM BACK!!! Not even a battle with lame covid-19 can stop me hahaha, well anyway this one is very refreshing but pretty bland just a very regular crisp lager. The price is great though so that's a plus reminds me of a lighter PBR