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Fair State Brewing Cooperative
37 notes
Fair State Brewing Cooperative
Minneapolis, United States

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
2 years ago
Brought this back from Texas to have as a Duo beer with my son-in-law. It's not from Texas though. Pours with a medium high, very deep tan head. Strong aroma, first of alcohol, and then a blast of chocolate. The moment this beer touches the lips, it's a shock as to how creamy and soft it is. A strong bourbon quality alcohol is closely followed by super sweet brown sugar, deep milk chocolate with faint notes of roasted malt. The finish continues the sweet, rich chocolate as the alcohol turns more towards an amaretto liqueur. The mouth coating from the first sip continues into a very prolonged and lasting finish. This flavor continues to satisfy the palate so that there is a distance between each sip exceeding almost any other beer I've tried. From the very first, you know it's special. My son-in-law and I both tried but cannot find any fault with this brew. Definitely getting a 5.0 and now he's out trying to find more. Hope he succeeds.

Post author: Saka
@ Hoptimaal
2 years ago
Tuoksuu hedelmä. Maku yli kypsää hedelmää pikku makeudella…

Post author: Whaddya drink of that!?
Whaddya drink of that!?
2 years ago
Oh god, I'm actually trying to find good points in this one. Firstly... It cost me £8.50 so that's awesome 🙃 Always a risky game buying a beer you've never had obviously. Anyways, as to be expected with a stout it's dark in colour this one however is almost slightly thick to pour . It is smooth and somewhat creamy in texture. The more I have of it the more flavours I am noticing but the downside is there is a flavour there which is reminiscent of liquorice and I honestly hate liquorice (unless it's liquorice root itself which is ironic). I mostly bought this for the name of the drink because I'm immature.. but ultimately I will give this a 2.1 it's not BAD but it's not necessarily something I would have again. But there is definitely some qualities to it I did enjoy

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ C J's Doghouse
3 years ago
Has a tropical fruit taste that leans towards very ripe pineapple, mango that mainly stand out but has a fruit cocktail aspect to it. Also has some citrus leaning towards orange in the background giving it some tartness. Has a very light bitterness. Overall a tasty NEIPA.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Thirsty Peret
3 years ago
More football with family in Houston Texas. And more beer. Golden yellow color, hazy opaque. Sour fruit smell from the sniffer glass. Flavor is a sour tart lemon peel. Mildly bitter. Finish is flat and dry. I'm just not a fan of sour beers, especially after some excellent stouts and porters.

Post author: Cyril B
Cyril B
3 years ago
Une délicieuse IPA bien Hazy !! Des arômes de fruits à noyaux, une bière très douce qui se deguste très facilement.

Post author: Decrausaz L.
Decrausaz L.
@ Maison de la Piousse
3 years ago
Bière noire, mousse crémeuse et houblons présents. Au nez, on sent des notes épicées, de fruits à coque. Sous le palais, la bière est douce et sirupeuse. L’alcool est très fort, l’acidité légère et l’amertume de moyenne à forte. On ressent beaucoup de saveurs d’épices avec la vanille et la réglisse. La mélasse est présente et apporte de la douceur. Des belles notes de coco et d’amandes sont là! Au final, une bière divine.