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Sambrook's Brewery
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Sambrook's Brewery

When Young’s left South-West London in 2006, local drinkers were bereft - but they needn’t have worried, because another local brewer was just around the corner. Sambrook’s is a traditional brewery in the sense that it brews the sort of moreish, satisfyingly bitter ale that has been enjoyed by Londoners for many years. Wandle and Junction, their two regular beers, can be found across the city but particularly around their heartland in Battersea. The brewery has become progressively more progressive in recent years (keg beers! American hops!) and their commitment to quality is hugely impressive.

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Post author: Killer Miller
Killer Miller
@ The Antelope (Tooting)
6 days ago

Post author: Arsi H
Arsi H
@ The Beer House - Paddington Station
16 days ago

Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ The Furze Wren
1 month ago
Pours a deep reddish colour with a white head. Quite malty flavour with hints of cherry. Reasonable.

Post author: Owen3carrots
@ Shinner & Sudtone
2 months ago
Cheeky one before going home at the end of a not very long day! Bittery, quite lively.

Post author: Killer Miller
Killer Miller
@ The Barrell Vault
2 months ago