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Hammerton Brewery
410 ratings
Hammerton Brewery

Hammerton was one of the many British breweries that bit the dust during the 1950s and '60s as the industry indulged in a disastrous bout of consolidation; it came back in 2014, albeit on the wrong side of the river. The new brewery even brews an oyster stout, as the original Hammerton did. Look out for N7, the beer developed in partnership with James Kemp, formerly head brewer at Marble and Buxton and now weaving his heavy metal magic for Yeastie Boys.

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Post author: Ting Tong
Ting Tong
@ House of Hammerton
9 days ago

Post author: Msk_ldn
1 month ago
Bloody hell. Chilli-yes, Chocolate-yes, Creamy-yes. The more sips you take, the more the burn builds. Almost marshmallow/neopolitan flavours in the background. Well done Hammerton. Well done. Couldn't have more than one though

Post author: Ting Tong
Ting Tong
1 month ago
The actual Beer is Crunchier, don't know why City of Cake come up