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Trim Tab Brewing
28 ratings
Trim Tab Brewing
Birmingham, United States

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Allen's Cave
3 months ago
First game of the season and the Crimson Tide is doing good. Love that college football has started again. Starts out with a high and very tan head. Recedes down to just a coating on the top. Aroma has dark heavy malt with notes of coffee. Color is totally dark and opaque. Light and thin texture for such a dark beer. Roasted malt is in the forefront. Faint hints of a nutty background and some dry cocoa. Finish just continues this roasted flavor. This is not a complex beer. Not strong on flavor and does not convey the hazelnut that I was expecting. Not impressed.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
9 months ago
Strong aroma of this sour wheat came quickly while just pouring from the can. Very thick head, with a cloud like fluffiness, has a slightly orange appearance. Color is a slightly hazy sunset orange. Light texture. Tartness is immediate and the raspberries are distinctive. Can't seem to find the cherries. Finish has a very moderate sour quality. I am not a fan of powerful sours but I have enjoyed several Berliner weisses that only have a moderate amount of tartness. When adding some excellent flavors, such as these raspberries, I find myself pleasantly surprised.

Post author: Tetsuo A
Tetsuo A
2 years ago
Bien houblonnée mais équilibrée. Bonne amertume avec quand même du coffre

Post author: Proutbeer
2 years ago
Acide et fruitée

Post author: Greg Y @skollsbeer
Greg Y @skollsbeer
@ La houblonnière
2 years ago
Elle est vraiment goutue ! Pas mal du tout