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Evil Genius Beer Company
179 ratings
Evil Genius Beer Company
West Grove, United States

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Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ PJ Whelihan's (formerly the Pizza Pub).
1 month ago
This has a light apricot taste. Has an almost light bitterness. Tastes okay but just very one sided.

Post author: Rubbersoul95
2 months ago
One of the better IPAs I've tried. Nice citrus notes without being too hoppy or bitter. From a brewery local to my hometown. Fun to bring to parties because everyone gets a laugh from the name.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ Giant Food
6 months ago
This has a pretzel-ish taste. It is doughy with hints of butter, slightly salty with some sweet malt that leans towards caramel. Overall it seems like a cross between a festbier and an American Marzen. It’s good but not great.

Post author: Jackson M
Jackson M
@ Beer52
1 year ago
Heavy peanut taste … so so stout . Decent strength

Post author: Peeco82
1 year ago
On the nose you get a very distinctive peanutty aroma. The front notes are strongly peanut but the lasting flavour is that of a smooth chocolate. Its strangely thin in texture but overall not a bad porter