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Mississippi Brewing Company
50 ratings
Mississippi Brewing Company
Gulfport, United States

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Post author: Lauri E.J. H
Lauri E.J. H
@ Jäppilä Kievari
1 year ago
Leipäinen, ujosti makea, etäisesti paahteinen ja silti lagerin raikkaus. Aika mainio kokonaisuus!

Post author: Zaphood
2 years ago
Back-flash muutaman vuoden takaa omista muistiinpanoista.

Post author: martinreed
@ Drinks of the World, Zürich
3 years ago
At a risk of sounding like a Philistine, I like Pilsner and I love Porter, but prefer them individually, rather than together. At least, if this example is anything to go by. But happy to try other examples: narrow-minded I am not 😛