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Ela En Liten Øl
9 arviota
Ela En Liten Øl

Onko tämä sinun panimo?
Rekisteröi panimosi ilmaiseksi ja hallitse panimosi tietoja Pint Pleasessa.
Rekisteröi panimo


Post author: este
@ The Pavilion Ashton Gardens
6 years ago
Right... this is special beer delivered from Norway 🤘🏻😎🍺I got this exclusive bottle from my dear friend Phill. He is on Pint Please ( Philip G ) becouse me ( finally ) so please follow him - his great guy and did a lot for my town and entertainment... for craft beer too! ELO EN LITEN (Pilsner) is very nice refreshing beer with no too high alcohol, only 4.7% which is very good for summer time 🌞 * APPERANCE : Definitely straw colour and I can say that is more lemonish. Fizzy enough ( properly ) for lager pilsner style. Small head. * AROMA : Nice pilsner smell with little bit of fruity notes and grainy. One thing missing - no Hoppy enough for me. I love the fact when lagers m, especially Pilsners they smell of hoops ( strongly ) on beginning. It's kind of cannabis aroma 🤘🏻😬☘️ * TASTE : Lovely pilsner flavour with appropriate kick from apple, as it should be in the good lagers. Little bit no enough Pilsner malts for me but nothing wrong with it 😜 Grassy and little bit malty in the same time in my opinion next to the apple notes is something more like pear or mango... 🤔 * MOUTHFEEL : Soft body with average carbonation, clear and waterish for palate. Aftertaste - well... and this is little suprise becouse this beer has a nice bitterness I mean for the lager style and lovely crispy hit from apple at the end. * OVERALL : Good lager for summer time or after busy day at work 😋 ELO EN LITEN maybe is not good enough to be a next proper Czech pilsner but still good to take another one 🤘🏻😜🍺 easily !

Post author: Philip G
Philip G
6 years ago
Nice breakfast pilsner. 😀 Well balanced.

Post author: Jarle B
Jarle B
7 years ago
This Beer is in this time ranked as norway’s best small beer, this is an Pils and the taste is exelent.👍

Post author: Daniel F
Daniel F
7 years ago
Helt grei øl til en søndagskveld