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Lone Tree Brewing Company
6 ratings
Lone Tree Brewing Company
Lone Tree, United States

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Post author: Malibootayee
3 months ago
Subtle tart and mild sour. I think pineapple flavor is hard to emulate in a drink; it’s there in this drink but not in your face.

Post author: Malibootayee
9 months ago
🍓🥝 flavors are 👍

Post author: Viljami K
Viljami K
@ O'Connell's Irish Bar
3 years ago
Doften domineras av persika och den är ganska söt. Smaken liknar mest persikas sten, vilket var en besvikelse. Och sen finns det starka humlen också.

Post author: Webrat
@ Trio Taphouse
4 years ago
A subtle hint of peaches in the aroma with a decent head that disappears fairly quick. Initial taste hints of peach but isn't sweet and finishes with a slightly bitter dry taste that isn't unpleasant.

Post author: Jake O
Jake O
6 years ago