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Temple Brew House (Essex Street Brewery)
11 ratings
Temple Brew House (Essex Street Brewery)

You catch sight of the brewing equipment at this central London brewpub before you do the bar, which leaves you in little doubt as to which drink is in charge around here. A number of the beers brewed on site by the Essex Street Brewing Company - such as The Gavel, a marmalade-bitter American pale ale - are available on cask alongside the likes of Portobello, Redemption, (on keg) Camden, Wild Beer and Beavertown. There's a decent bottled selection, too. The decoration is interesting: there's a huge painted depiction of the brewing process and cages full of pewter mugs.

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Post author: Jani L
Jani L
@ Temple Brew House
5 years ago
No nyt on hapanta! Aivan käsittämätön ensipuraisu joka pehmenee pikkuhiljaa. Ananas tulee jälkimakuun ja jättää suuhun varsin miellyttävän hedelmäisen (mutta ei liian makean) jälkimaun. Ehdottomasti yksi parhaista koskaan maistamistani soureista...