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Occidental Brewing
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Occidental Brewing
Portland, United States

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Post author: UC08
@ Topside Bar & Grill
21 days ago

Post author: Justiina
5 years ago
Ei kovin vehnäinen vehnäolut ...

Post author: Justiina
5 years ago
Ei kovin hyvää, onneksi sentään kylmää 😊

Post author: Jani S
Jani S
5 years ago

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Beverly Corners
6 years ago
Just a quick review of this light golden pilsner as I am building a wort chiller so I can brew beer tomorrow. (My first batch) Comes out of the can well carbonated and making an aggressive frothy head but it settles as quickly as it builds. The nose is a wonderful fresh bready malt with a nice balanced aroma of nobel hops. That's always a good sign to me of a good pilsner and I do live a GOOD pilsner. The palate is a bit of a let down after the aroma. A little too sweet, and a metallic taste. The hops are just right and the nice bready biscuit malt is great but it is just a bit too sweet. Not bad though.

Post author: Mr. T
Mr. T
8 years ago