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Staffordshire Brewery
127 ratings
Staffordshire Brewery

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Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
2 months ago
A nice ruby coloured ale with a malty character. Got this for my birthday this year as part of a beer set. Is triple filtered for a clean crisp finish.

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
3 months ago
And the party didn’t stop when I got home! This was a well-balanced amber ale with a hint of citrus. Always best to drink in a traditional dimpled pint glass.

Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
5 months ago
A golden hoppy ale with a floral aroma. A decent session beer.

Post author: Mr_Moo91x
9 months ago
It's not great..... But to be honest it's 3 years out of date ...... So 🤷‍♂️

Post author: Tom J
Tom J
10 months ago
Nutty and smoky. Really tasty. Almost a bit metallic.

Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Ruxley Manor Garden Centre
11 months ago
Malty golden coloured ale. Slight bitterness in the aftertaste. Nice beer.