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The Handmade Beer Co.

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Post author: Rooney J
Rooney J
@ Just somewhere poland
3 months ago
Very sweet - lots of flavour. One is enough for a night “I think my teeth are going to fall out”

Post author: Pate
@ Bruder schaft
8 months ago
Persikan makuista jääteetä. Ei tästä kummoisesti olutta löydy.

Post author: ImTon VergriFFen
ImTon VergriFFen
@ Hohenwutzen
1 year ago
Zuerst eigentlich ganz i.o. Aber dann nur noch klebrig und süss.

Post author: Babou
2 years ago
C'est pas forcément mauvais.... Mais c'est un ice tea qui pique

Post author: Frank B
Frank B
7 years ago
I can't say I'm enjoying this beer. It has a pleasant coffee taste but I think this beer is bottle conditioned which spoils it. The tangy aftertaste overrides any nice flavours.

Post author: Frank B
Frank B
8 years ago
Not too bad. It's like drinking a slightly watered down version of a Belgian ale.